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Terms and Conditions for the Use of the Site (TCUS)

1. Purpose and acceptance of the TCUS

These Terms and Conditions for Use of the Site (hereafter 'the TCUS') define the conditions and details of accessing and using the website (hereafter 'the Site'), published by Absolu Dream (hereafter 'Absolu Dream').  By accessing or using the Site, the user (hereafter 'the User') agrees unreservedly to these TCUS.

2. Rules of Behaviour for Users

The User agrees to use the Site by following the instructions that appear on his computer screen.

The User will refrain from using the Site or any of the services provided on the Site in a way which would contravene any current legislation or generally-accepted ‘netiquette’, or would, more generally, damage the interests, position, reputation or image of Absolu Dream or any of its affiliates belonging to the Absolu Développement group.

  • Engage in any sort of practice whatsoever that might disturb and/or prevent the ordinary functioning of the Site or any services hosted on the Site;
  • Publish or transmit any form of publication which may be classified as xenophobic, racist, inciting racial hatred, paedophilic, pornographic, inciting murder, defamation, insulting or harming the rights of a third party, including that party’s intellectual property rights and rights to privacy ;
  • Send unsolicited e-mails in an abusive way (sending excessive volumes and/or repeatedly and/or to several recipients);
  • And more generally collect personal information published on the Site with a view to its use for marketing purposes.  Users who have published an advertisement may not be contacted by any means whatsoever concerning any other topic other than that advertisement.

3. Intellectual Property

The Users acknowledges that this Site and its contents are legally protected by intellectual property law, and will respect all intellectual property rights, especially those relating to brands, patents, authors and databases.

Absolu Dream only authorises the following activities:

  • Accessing the Site and consulting the advertisements published on it;
  • Printing those advertisements for personal use only, with no view to using them for professional or commercial ends and in a purely private capacity, providing that the printed copies include all of the copyright indications and all other legal disclaimers that appear on the originals.

The following activities are forbidden:

  • Reproducing, representing, using or publishing, by any means whatsoever and in any format whatsoever, the Site itself or any element making up the Site (including, but not limited to, text, photos, images, videos, sound, software, branding, logo, legal status or any other distinguishing feature), with the exception of the authorised uses described above;
  • Extracting via a temporary or permanent transfer, or reusing by making available to the public, either the entirety or a quantitatively or qualitatively substantial part of the advertisements and other databases hosted on the Site, as well as extracting or reproducing non-substantial parts when such operations clearly exceed reasonable usage;
  • Providing, marketing or distributing to a third party, by any means whatsoever, the Site, any part of the Site or any advertisements or other databases hosted on the Site;
  • Modifying, removing, or altering by any means whatsoever and by any format whatsoever, all or part of any of the legal indications concerning intellectual property or copyright visible on the Site.

Any usage which does not conform to the above-mentioned conditions is forbidden and may lead to legal proceedings.

4. Liability of Absolu Dream, of Absolu Développement and of any other company in the group

Absolu Dream takes all possible precautions when producing and updating the Site, and in particular the advertisements which appear on it.  However, as Absolu Dream cannot control all of the information published on the Site, Absolu Dream can neither guarantee that this information is correct, complete and free of errors, nor that it will be perfectly suitable for the needs of the User.

As a result, Absolu Dream will not be liable for any damage which may result from this information, or indeed from any usage of the Site and/or its content that you may make.

Absolu Dream reserves the right to modify, suspend or remove, either permanently or temporarily, all or part of the Site at any time and without any warning.  Absolu Dream will not be liable to the User or to any third party for any modification, suspension or unavailability of the Site, nor for adjusting the access to the Site to the services hosted on the Site, for any reason whatsoever.

Absolu Dream invites the User to notify any problem or content which seems illegal, offensive, shocking or immoral by using the features available for this purpose on the Site.  When this happens, Absolu Dream will do everything that it considers necessary in the case of an unauthorised or illicit usage of its Site.

Finally, the User acknowledges and formally accepts that Absolu Dream is not liable for any damage resulting from any relationship, of any nature whatsoever, that is entered into by the User and the publisher of an advertisement or any other partner providing content or services on the Site.  In such a case, the User may only seek redress from the author or such an advertisement or that third party.

5. Personal Data

Accessing the Site and its pages does not require the User to provide his personal details.  However, in certain situations, the User may be invited to provide personal data, including his postal and e-mail
address.  Information collected in this way will be handled electronically by Absolu Dream according to relevant legislation.

The User has the right to refuse that his personal data be used or transferred for marketing purposes; the right to access his personal data; and, where necessary, correct it, by writing a letter or sending an e-mail to Absolu Dream.

The User may also use the same method to exercise his right to delete data about him that has been provided on a voluntary basis and which is not necessary for the use of the service for which he has registered.  He acknowledges and accepts that his data may, in certain cases, be transferred to sub-contractors providing services to the Site and/or hosted on the Site.

In order to collect statistical information about its visitors, the Site uses cookies.  A cookie does identify individual Users, but instead records information about his usage of the Site, such as the pages visited and the date and time of his visit.  The User is always able to reject the use of cookies by adjusting the preferences of his web browser. In such a case, the use of the Site and the services hosted on the Site may be altered.

6. Requesting or Reserving an Apartment

The furnished apartments which are available for rent on the Site are made available by companies which are legally independent from Absolu Dream.  These companies alone have responsibility for providing furnished apartments.  Absolu Dream takes part neither in the rental, nor in setting the general terms and conditions of sale which are provided by each company.

Before requesting a reservation or reserving an apartment, the User must consult the general terms and conditions of sale applicable to the city in which he wishes to reserve an apartment.  The general terms and conditions of sale vary from one location to another.  These general terms and conditions of sale are published by the company which rents the apartment, and cannot be modified by Absolu Dream.

In the case of problems with these general terms and conditions of sale; with a request for a reservation or with a reservation, the User will contact the company responsible for the apartment directly, without seeking to engage the liability of Absolu Dream in any way whatsoever.

Absolu Dream acts as the publisher of the Site and has no responsibility for renting or for the associated processes.

The information published on the Site in not binding on Absolu Dream. We will always try to ensure that they are correct and up date, but this is not something that we can guarantee.  We thank you in advance for bringing any errors or omissions to our attention.

None of the photographs on the Site, and in particular none of the photographs of the apartments, has any legal value.  The provisions of furnished apartments, rented under the trading name AtHome-Hotel, are described in individual pages on the website in the 'Our Apartments' section.  The facilities provided in a given apartment are susceptible to evolve over time.  To inquire about the current status of the facilities in an apartment, please contact us.

The description of the surface area of an apartment has no legal value and is given for purely informational purposes.  Neither Absolu Dream nor any of the companies trading under the name AtHome-Hotel are liable for this information.  They have not been provided in accordance with the legal rules described in French as the 'loi Carrez' (see also our general terms and conditions of sale).

Absolu Dream has no responsibility whatsoever for any other site which you may access via its own Site.  You are explicitly reminded that Absolu Dream has no control over or responsibility for the content of any external sites not published by Absolu Dream, even if the AtHome-Hotel or Absolu Dream logo appears on them.  Furthermore, the inclusion of a link to such a site which is not published by Absolu Dream in no way indicates that Absolu Dream takes any responsibility for the content of such a site or any usage made of that content.  You should take all necessary precautions to ensure that the site that you choose to access does not contain any viruses or illegal content.

This website may contain warnings concerning the rights reserved to brands and copyrights and these terms must be respected.  The brands mentioned belong to their respective owners.

Collection of personal information

1. Collection Methods

Absolu Dream collects personal information about you when you sign up to use the site. Absolu Dream collects your first name, surname, title, address, post code, telephone number, nationality, e-mail address, IP address, the first and last pages you visited and the number of pages visited overall.

When a user makes a request to view pages on the site, Absolu Dream’s servers automatically recognise the browser’s domain, the incoming IP address (a number which uniquely identifies every computer connected to the Internet which takes the form XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX), the referral method (a search engine or another website), the first and last pages visited and the number of pages visited overall. Our servers record the e-mail address that you use if you connect to Absolu Dream using your Facebook, Hotmail, Yahoo or AOL account.

2. Purpose

The personal information that Absolu Dream might collect is needed to allow us to monitor customer comments left on the site and allow visitors to take part in certain services and marketing activities organised by Absolu Dream on the site, including for example the newsletter and competitions
3.Right of Access, Refusal and Rectification

Absolu Dream will ensure that any personal information provided online by users remains confidential.
All personal data that the user might send to Absolu Dream to use services will be handled in compliance with French law 78-17 of 6 January 1978 on computers, files and freedom (French data protection legislation).
In this context, the user has a right of access to his personal information about him and can request its deletion or the rectification of any errors at any time by sending an e-mail to the following address:

Every customer has the right, after his visit to keave a comment on the flats and our services in three ways :

- Via Facebook

- Via a satisfaction questionnary

- Via e-mail

Comments left via Facebook client account are moderate and controlled. No comments contrary to low is left on our sites.

Papers comments are published entirely or partially and are in no way altered from the original text left by the customers.

Comments sent by mail are printed and posted on our sites.

Comments receive by mail or paper are archived in files in order to facilitate the listing of these and this proves that rangament comment exists.

The overall rating of the apartment is calculated according to the box checked by our customers. We have a test on our overall staisfaction questionnary, which is taken into account when calculating the overall grade that appears on each sheet apartment.

4. Recipients

Personal information collected via the site may be transmitted to partner organisations, especially to allow the pursuit of the purposes described above and the management of any marketing operations organised by Absolu Dream or by its partners.
Users are informed that their personal information may be transmitted to organisations based in countries which do not provide an adequate level of personal data protection as defined in Directive 95/46/CE. In this case, Absolu Travel will, as far as possible, conclude agreements with the recipients concerned into to ensure an adequate level of protection, as stipulated by contractual clauses approved by the CNIL (the French Commission nationale de l’informatique et des libertés, the National Commission for computers and freedom) and the European Commission.

5. Cookies

Cookies are used to facilitate navigation around the site and to measure the number of visitors. Cookies are text files placed on the hard drive of your computer by the web server hosting a page. Your computer is almost certainly currently configured to accept such cookies. You can, however, adjust the settings in order to refuse cookies, and Absolu Dream suggests you do so if you are at all concerned by their usage.

When you visit our site to access, search for or download information, Absolu Dream collects and stores certain ‘visitor information’ about you, such as the domain name of the computer which you are using, its IP address, the date and time of your visit and the URLs of the site which referred you to ours. Absolu Dream uses this information to measure and analyse visits to our site and to help us make it even more useful. Absolu Dream deletes this information after a certain period. If you do not wish Absolu Dream to collect this information about you, do not visit Absolu Dream’s sites.

Absolu Dream will only conserve information collected via cookies for as long as it is necessary for the purposes described above.
Users may refuse the use of cookies by configuring their web browser accordingly. Each browser is different, so users should refer to the Help menu of their browser to find out how to adjust the preferences governing cookies.
However, some features of the Absolu Dream site may not work if the user refuses to accept cookies.

6. Use of the Facebook/Facebook Connect social plugin

As part of our service, we may use (now or in the future) the social plugins (hereafter the ‘plugins’ provided by the social networks run by Facebook Inc., 1601 S. California Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94304 CA, UA, and hereafter ‘Facebook’). You can recognise them by the presence of the Facebook logo, the presence of a legal disclaimer mentioning Facebook or via the ‘Facebook Social Plugin’ label. When you visit one of our pages which contains such a plugin, your computer opens a direct connection with Facebook’s systems. The content for the plugin will be sent by Facebook directly to your web browser which will include it in web page you are viewing. At the same time, the plugin will inform Facebook that you have visited one of our pages.

If you are also logged into Facebook with the same computer, Facebook may directly access our page and connect it to your Facebook account, and this action is not necessarily limited to simply opening a web page.

If you use the plugin actively, for example by pressing the ‘Like’ button or by leaving a comment, the plugin will also send this information to Facebook, which will record it. You can access more detailed information about the extent and the objectives of data collection by Facebook and their handling by Facebook on the pages concerning data protection on its site. You will also find information about how to protect your privacy online and the different settings that are available via Facebook. Data is only sent from Facebook to our site if you have previously authorised this. Absolu Dream can use this information to create a user account for you. This data is only ever sent once, and there is no permanent link between your account with Absolu Dream and your account with Facebook.

7. Google Analytics

Absolu Dream uses Google Analytics, an online analysis service provided by the company Google Inc. (hereafter ‘Google’). Google Analytics uses ‘cookies’, text files which are saved on your computer to analyse how websites are used. Information about your use of the site, including your IP address, are contained in these cookies, which are sent to a server belonging to Google in the United States where it is stored.

Google will use this information to analyse your use of the site, to produce reports about site usage for the site’s managers and in order to provide services connected to the use of the site or the Internet. Google may also send this information to third parties, in accordance with the law or these third parties may handle the data on Google’s behalf. Google will never make a link between your IP address and your information in other Google services. You can prevent the use of cookies by using the options available in your web browser.

However, we have to inform you that if you do so, you may not be able to use all of the features of our site. By using this site, you agree that Google may collect and use your data as described above.

8. Use of Personal Data

Absolu Dream will not transfer, sell or rent personal information to third parties which are not affiliates or partners, unless Absolu Dream has previously informed you, either in these general terms and conditions of use, via a communication with you or an agreement; or unless you have given permission to Absolu Dream to do so or unless the law requires us to.

If Absolu Dream is required by law or by a court order to provide personal information about you, Absolu Dream is committed, wherever possible, to informing you, except where Absolu Dream reasonably considers that it is not authorised to do so. Given the current state of technology, in particular telecommunications technology, Absolu Dream cannot guarantee the confidentiality, integrity or authentication of e-mails or voice messages that you send to or receive from Absolu Dream.

9. Security of Your Information

We are committed to providing the maximum possible level of security for your personal information as required by current data protection legislation, but no electronic communication is entirely secure. We inform you that any information you publish publicly on the Internet, may, despite our best efforts, still be available to third parties. This is why Absolu Dream refuses all liability for any inadvertent release of information caused when information is being communicated and/or accessed by unauthorised third parties.

10. Exclusion of Liability For Online Offers from Our Partners

We work with various partners who provide websites and Internet services which users can access via our own site. As a general rule, these partners have their own privacy statements or confidentiality declarations. We refuse all liability for any such statements or declarations which are not connected to Absolu Dream.

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