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Museum Passes - Time saving

From your arrival, buy this pass for your visits of Parisian museums and monuments. It is practical, economic and you will not queue up. With a single pass you will visit quietly more than 60 Parisian museums and monuments.

Why do not buy in advance your "Paris museum pass". We will provide to you the pass which allows you to visit freely more than 60 Parisian museums and monuments with lots of exclusive advantages:

  • No line in the entrance(entry) of museums.
  • Free and direct entrance(entry) for the permanent exhibitions.
  • Unlimited  visits for more than 60 museums in Paris.
  • Unexpire date: the validity of the pass begins only from the first time you will use it.

With my Pass Musées (41€ for 2 days, 56€ for 4 days), I get directly and without waiting. I visit more museums. I enjoy more my stay Paris.


2 days pass
4 days pass
6 days pass*

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