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Our Guarantees

When you are renting a furnished apartment with us, nothing should spoil your holiday!

AtHome-Hotel is a professional agency providing furnished apartments rentals in Paris. You can meet our team if you would like because we are not a virtual company.

As well as guaranteeing that we will be there for you, AtHome-Hotel also provides several specific guarantees:

1. Guaranteed: a website with zero fraud

Most Internet platforms that offer apartment rentals across the whole world cannot visit the apartments that they offer. They can end up hosting misleading or even fake ads, and some customers have been tricked by false advertising on websites.

On our website, there are no fake ads and no misleading ads.

We only list the apartments that we manage ourselves, so you are guaranteed to have the apartment you expect when you get to Paris.

2. Guaranteed: your furnished apartment rental won’t be cancelled at the last minute

Some owners who put their apartment on several platforms can overbook their accommodation or accidentally say their apartment is free on a day that it isn’t, which can lead to last-minute cancellations.

That will never happen with AtHome-Hotel: we directly manage all our own apartments and when they are reserved.

So you have our guarantee that your holiday won’t be ruined by a last-minute cancellation.

3. Guaranteed: 24/7 assistance when you’re staying in one our furnished apartments

AtHome-Hotel has an emergency insurance policy with Mondial Assistance covering all of our furnished apartments. When you check in, we will give you a card giving you access to help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Mondial Assistance has a multilingual team that can speak English.

So we have your guarantee that you can get in touch with somebody who can help you, even at night and over the weekend.

4. Guaranteed: professional standards

AtHome-Hotel is a founder member of the ‘Union for Professional Furnished Apartment Rental’, a French professional body, and indeed we are proud to be the Vice-President of the organisation which supports its members in legal matters concerning the rental of furnished apartments in Paris.

That means you can be guaranteed that we follow the best practices in the profession and that we strongly believe in doing the best job we can for you.

5. Guaranteed: our membership of the Paris Tourist Office

As one of the oldest rental agencies of furnished apartments in Paris, AtHome-Hotel is a member of the Paris Tourist Office. We are proud to follow the rules and guidance set by the board.

Some of our apartments were also labelised by Clef Vacances after control visits with very selective criteria.

That’s your guarantee that we are a serious company—in the case of a complaint, both these bodies can investigate and we will have to explain any problems.

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To make sure you have a great stay, AtHome-Hotel can insure you for just €1 a day!

1. When you are renting a furnished apartment with us, nothing should spoil your holiday!

For all rentals that last less than 90 days*, AtHome-Hotel offers an insurance policy for just €1 per night and per person. It covers any damage that you might cause in the apartment, including**:

  • Accidental damage to the apartment or furniture**
  • Broken windows
  • Liability for complaints from neighbours and third parties
  • Financial damage resulting from the tenant’s public liability to the landlord

The insurance does not cover damage to the occupant’s belongings, damage caused by negligence, lack of due care or cleaning, wear and tear or inappropriate usage, or the disappearance of furniture.

2. All about the insurance included in your AtHome-Hotel contract

Is the insurance compulsory?

No, if you already have insurance covering any damage you might cause to the apartment and its contents, then this insurance is not compulsory.

If you would prefer not to take out this insurance at the same time as renting your apartment, please send us a copy of your current insurance policy (in French) and we will deduct the insurance premium from your bill.

Yes, the insurance is compulsory either if you do not have any other insurance or cannot demonstrate that another insurance policy covers the same risks. It will be included in all rentals lasting less than 90 days and will be added to your bill.

If several people are renting an apartment, are we all covered?

Yes, our insurance covers everybody who is included in the rental agreement, which is why it is important for everybody staying in the apartment to be named in the rental agreement.

How does the insurance policy work if I have a problem?

To use the insurance policy, you have to inform us of any damage that you cause. An email is all it takes. We’ll take care of the rest and you have nothing more to do.

If you do not declare any damage to us, we cannot use our insurance policy, and you will be responsible for paying for any damage. You will have to cover any repair costs, which will be deducted from your security deposit in the first instance.

Am I insured for the cancellation of my stay?

Yes, if you also take out cancellation insurance. This extra policy costs 3% of the total price of your stay. You can request it either via email or through the comments section of the reservation form. If you do not take out cancellation insurance, you will not be covered.

We would also recommend that you check to see whether you could be covered by similar insurance included with your credit card.

How does this insurance affect my security deposit?

The damage insurance that is included in all our rental agreements means that you can pay the security deposit via an authorisation on your credit or debit card, so you don’t have to pay the full amount upon arrival.

Furthermore, we can reduce the amount of the security deposit because of the insurance (see fees).


* For stays of longer than 90 days, please contact us.

** After the deduction of an excess and a handling fee of €98, which are for you to pay.

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