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Apartment reservation

Meet the team in charge of your booking

Our sales team is very familiar with Paris life and will give you recommendations for your stay. We’re confident that we can help and give you some advice, whatever your request.


Our sales team will be here for you at every step of your stay:


Simon in charge of short stays

With Simon:

Simon graduated from a French High School and started working with AtHome-Hotel with his diploma in hands. He has a 15 years experience in tourism and knows the customers needs when it comes to apartment rentals. He is cheerful and full of good advice.

"There's nothing better than a guest coming to see me the day after arrival to thank me. It makes my day and this is surely one of the reasons why I do this job!"


Julio in charge of reservations

With Julio:

Julio was born in Caracas, Venezuela, where he grew up and studied for my degree in communication. He joined the agency in 2007 where he is in charge of marketing our portfolio of furnished apartments to other sites. He prepares stays before customers arrive to make sure that everything is taken care of.

"I grew up so much through the years. Now, I'm way more confident and knows exactly what can make my guests happi-er!"

Maxime, expert of long term stays

With Maxime:

Maxime is in charge of the 'Long term stays' department. He lived in Australia and in New-Zealand before. If you come for a mission in Paris or for a long term stay, he will help you with your research. He knows the neighborhood of 'his' apartments like the back of his hand and he'll be happy to give you directions and tips.

"I admit my relationship to my clients is so personal that sometimes I get too involved! I make my mission to find them the best apartment!


Check-in in Paris

Meet the team in charge of welcoming you

Jeff in charge of check-ins

With Jeff:

Geoffrey (as Jeff) is a young French-speaking Belgian who studied in the south of France. After two years in Montpellier, he moved to Paris where he started working with AtHome-Hotel; first with our real estate department and then taking care of welcoming guests.

"I want to be the first smile our guests see at the beginning of their stay. At least I'm sure it will be a good start!"

Ricardo and recommendations

With Ricardo:

Ricardo is a Venezuelan architect who loves tourism and Paris. He like to give a maximum of recommendations on places he discovered ever since he arrived. He pays attention to details and want to make sure the customers feel at ease.

"Get ready, check-ins with me always last forever if you get me started on recommendations. You can't say I didn't warn you!"


Quality checking

Meet the staff members in charge of your comfort

Patrick in charge of the logistic

With Patrick:

Patrick is very experienced with more than 10 years running an hotel outside Paris almost on his own. He has a hotel management diploma which is helping a lot in his daily job at AtHome-Hotel. You will never meet Patrick but he is the one ensuring your apartment will be perfectly prepared for your stay.

"I prefer to stay in the shadow. I will always be informed of the guests' feedback anyway. My goal is to keep it good."

Neia, head of the cleaning team

With Neia:

Neia grew up in Brazil. She started doing cleanings and soon proved that she could do so much more. She is now at the head of a 5 people team of cleaners and she is the one checking that your apartment will be perfectly cleaned and prepared.

"I know our team does a good job but I'm always looking for ways to improve."


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