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If you’re looking to rent the best accommodations in Paris, then we have all the answers to your questions… We tried to cover all the remarks and interrogations that were communicated to us through the years.

1. Is a Airbnb-like website?

Through the years, the number of booking platforms acting as an intermediary between owners and renters has increased.

AtHome-Hotel is offering accommodations to Paris visitors whereas intermediary websites such as Airbnb based their activity around promoting and managing a website with apartments adds. Clearly, the two companies don’t work in the same way.

AtHome-Hotel rents out its own apartments.

AtHome-Hotel manages and maintains all of its apartments directly. Before your stay in one of our apartments, our own team have visited it and cleaned it.

Airbnb and the other furnished accommodation websites don't visit the apartments they offer and don't maintain them. They only know the apartments through the eye of the owners with the part of the information they communicated. These websites act as an intermediary, renting other people’s apartments and claiming a commission in return.

In other words, AtHome-Hotel is not a simple intermediary, an online booking platform or an online-only virtual company — we are an accommodation provider. We have a real office and meet all of customers personally, which changes everything.

2. What the main advantages of renting a furnished apartment with AtHome-Hotel?

There are plenty of good reasons to rent a furnished apartment with AtHome-Hotel, but we would point to five main advantages:

  1. You will be renting your apartment directly from us, so there’s no middle man and no commission to pay
  2. You will be renting a furnished apartment in the heart of Paris — none of apartments are outside of the city’s four central arrondissements.
  3. You will be renting an apartment that we visit and maintain after every guest. There are no nasty surprises at check-in when you rent from us — and if you do find a problem, we’re on hand to fix it straight away.
  4. You’ll meet us at the start of the stay. We get to know all of our customers so we can provide a personal service.
  5. You’ll be renting a ‘boutique apartment’ — a furnished apartment with a unique style of its own and carefully chosen décor that’s been selected by a human-sized company.

3. Why does AtHome-Hotel call its furnished apartments ‘boutique apartments’?

The ‘boutique apartment’ concept borrows from the idea of ‘boutique hotels’: a boutique apartment is to the furnished apartment sector what a boutique hotel is to an ordinary hotel.

A ‘boutique apartment’ is a furnished apartment that combines careful design with personal service offered by a small company which manages its own portfolio of apartments.

Each boutique apartment has its own style — unique but modern — a million miles away from the standard décor found in most furnished apartments.

But the most important feature is the personal service that Absolu Living can give all of its customers. We are there to meet your needs or take care of even the smallest problem in your apartment during your stay. We won’t let anything spoil your stay!

4. Why rent a boutique apartment when I can stay in a boutique hotel?

More flexibility

In a boutique apartment, you can invite friends over, have a dinner party and run out for breakfast in the morning. In short, you can live like a real Parisian in Paris during your stay.

Lower prices

Absolu Living’s furnished apartments offer more space than a hotel room and cost less.

Central Paris

All of AtHome-Hotel’s furnished apartments are located in the heart of Paris, so you will be able to visit all the main sights on foot.

5. Can I see all of AtHome-Hotel’s furnished apartments on your website?

Yes, you can see all of our furnished apartments on our website.

But we are always looking for new apartments, and there can sometimes be a short delay before we update the site. That’s why we sometimes offer our customers a new apartment before we have even had the time to put it on the site.

6. What kind of furniture and facilities will I find in one of AtHome-Hotel’s furnished apartments?

All of our apartments are entirely furnished and fully equipped, so you should want for nothing during your stay.

You will have a living room with a flatscreen TV, a fully-equipped kitchen with everything you need to make your own meals, a clean bathroom and a bedroom or sleeping area with a modern, comfortable bed.

Our larger apartments have even more space, extra bedrooms and bathrooms and features like separate toilets, workspaces and dressing rooms ...

When you arrive, you’ll also find fresh linen and everything you’ll need to enjoy a stay in one of our furnished apartments just like home, including a fridge, cutlery and crockery, kettle, oven, radio, hairdryer, vacuum cleaner, iron and so on.

You’ll only need to bring your own things — everything else is already included!

7. Is there a minimum stay for vacation rentals with AtHome-Hotel?

Yes, our minimum stay is either three or four nights, depending on the season.

We’re sure you’ll agree that it’s hard to get to know Paris in anything less!

8. Does the price of your furnished apartments change according to how many guests there are?

Yes. The price section of our website explains how many guests are included in your reservation.

Most of our furnished apartments also have a sofabed which sleeps one or two extra guests, so you can include extra people in your reservation for a small supplement.

9. How do I reserve my stay in your furnished apartments?

Once you have looked at the furnished apartments listed on our site, you can choose one or more and them to your basket.

You then reach the reservation page, where the apartments and services you have selected are listed.

Once we’ve received your reservation request, we will process it and send you an offer (voucher) which confirms that the apartment is available on the dates selected.

All that remains is for you to pay a deposit of around 30% to confirm your reservation.

10. I haven't received any answer to my request yet. What should I do?

If you received an automatic email confirming your request order but no other answer from us inside your reception box, please check out your spam folder.

Sometimes our emails get caught in the spams and it happens mostly with Hotmail, Yahoo or even Wanadoo services.

If you can’t find our email of answer anywhere, feel free to call us during our Paris offices opening hours, from Monday through Friday from 10am to 6:30pm at +33 (0)

If you are not available during our opening hours, please click here. You can send us an email to alert the person in charge of your reservation who will find a way to reach you.

10. How do I pay the deposit for a furnished apartment?

You can pay in euros using three different methods:

  1. Using a Visa or MasterCard debit or credit card via or secure payment system. We do not accept American Express cards.
  2. Using a bank transfer. If you want to use this method, we will send you our IBAN code by e-mail.
  3. By cheque. This is only possible for rentals in Paris and requires a French bank account.

11. How does the secure payment system work?

AtHome-Hotel uses HSBC’s online payment system, which is encrypted and totally secure.

Your payment is processed directly by HSBC on their site. When we send you an offer, which will include a link to HSBC’s secure payment system.

12. Do I need to pay a security deposit when I rent a furnished apartment?

Yes, you will also need to pay a security deposit.

The amount of the security deposit depends on the size of the apartment, the length of your stay and whether or not you take out accidental damage insurance.

Absolu Living customers who have reserved a furnished apartment in Paris can pay this security deposit via a pre-authorisation on a payment card.

If, at the end of the stay, you return the apartment clean and in the same state you found it in, we will cancel the pre-authorisation and no money will be charged to your account.

13. When do I pay the balance and the security deposit?

The balance and the security deposit are both payable in our office when you check in.

If you have arranged a personal check-in at the apartment, your card will be charged just before you arrive.

14. Can I make a last-minute booking?

The best thing to do is call us. If we have space, we can confirm your reservation directly over the phone.

15. How can I rent a furnished apartment from AtHome-Hotel for less?

For our best deals and reductions, keep an eye on the ‘Promotions’ part of our site. We regularly offer promotions for big events taking place in Paris.

16. Can I cancel a reservation for a furnished apartment?

Yes, with AtHome-Hotel, you can cancel any reservation for free up to 15 days before your arrival.

NB: We apply the same conditions to reservations on our website as hotel reservation portals. But you can take advantage of our lower prices because we don’t have to pay commission to a middle man.

17. What’s included in the price of a furnished apartment rental?

The rental price includes renting the apartment itself, including all of the facilities it includes, as well as several services. For more information, check the Prices section of our website.

18. Can I reserve individual services separately?

Of course: you can reserve other services, including chauffer-driven airport transfers, museum passes, gym access, a river cruise along the Seine, a late check out and lots more besides.

To discover our range of extra services, please check the Services section of our website.

19. What happens during check-in ?

We will invite you to pick up the keys to your apartment from our office, which is just a few minutes walk from all of our apartments.

When you call in, you will be able to sign the rental payment, and we’ll also charge you for the balance and take a pre-authorisation against your credit card for the security deposit.

If you arrive when our Paris office is closed, we will send you details of a different procedure which will explain how to collect the keys. You will be able to come to the office the next day—or on Monday morning for weekend arrivals—to sign the rental contract and other documents.

20. What happens during check-out?

For shorter stays, we usually invite our guests to leave the keys inside the apartment and simply close the door behind them—but please remember to leave them on the dining room table rather than in the lock!

We can’t offer this for every apartment, and so in other cases we will explain an alternative check-out procedure during your check-in.

Check-out is at 11.00 am, and you can only leave later with permission form Absolu Living and by paying a supplement.

After you leave, we will do a check-out inventory which we will send to you by e-mail.

For longer stays, we will go through the check-out inventory with you in person, usually after an initial visit from a member of team.

21. Why should I pay for final cleaning with my reservation?

At the end of your stay, you need to return the furnished apartment to us in the same state that you found it in, with a clean bathroom and kitchen, empty bins and the dishes cleaned and put away.

If you would like to leave without worrying about any of this, you can also reserve an extra final cleaning service. This is charged based on the amount of time we have to spend cleaning your apartment, but if you request it at the same time as your reservation, we will give you a 20% reduction on our usual rate.

22. Can I reserve a furnished apartment for a long stay or a business trip?


More and more professionals choose to stay with us instead of a hotel during a business trip. The longer you stay, the less you pay per night, and this provides a cost-effective solution that brings you into the heart of the city. And working will be easy as most of our apartments have Internet access.

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