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Code of Conduct

AtHome-Hotel as a professional agency has signed the sector’s code of conduct.

As one of the oldest furnished apartments rental agency in Paris, AtHome-Hotel is one of the founder members of the French ‘Union for Professional Furnished Apartment Rental’, or SPLM.

AtHome-Hotel is a very active member of the SPLM professional body and, as such, promised to follow the SPLM’s code of conduct. The SPLM is a group of professionals in the furnished apartment rental sector who agree to abide by the following code of conduct and professional ethics:



From the Union for Professional Furnished Apartment Rental.

1. Guiding principles of the code of conduct and professional ethics

  • Members can be either a natural or a legal person whose activities are correctly registered with the authorities in France.

  • Members must conduct their business activity in accordance with the law.

  • Members must pay all the necessary taxes and charges connected with their business activity.
  • Members who take part in transactions (those in category ‘T’) promise to provide the owners whose apartments they manage all of the information in order for the owner to pay all necessary taxes and charges.
  • Every year, members must take out an insurance policy against the risks of their business activity. Members must inform their customers of this, including via their website.
  • Any breach of the code of conduct and professional ethics will be considered by the Ethics Committee of the SPLM. The Committee can punish members who do not follow the code of conduct and professional ethics and exlucde them from the association in the case of serious negligence.

2. Noise Rules

  • Members promise to provide every occupant of their apartments with a copy of the SPLM’s ‘Noise Rules’. The Rules explain to occupants why it is important not to make too much noise and to respect the rules of the building in which they are staying. Members will draw their customers’ attention to the Rules before arrival and can also display them in the apartment.

  • Members promise to respond quickly to any complaint received from other owners in an apartment building. Members will clearly display their communication details inside the apartment, so that the occupant can provide them to anybody that requests them.

3. Customer Promise

  • Members must offer secure payment systems in order to combat fraud. Members will never request the transfer of funds to a foreign account.
  • Members must provide written contracts for both the owner and the tenant of an apartment. Contractual documents, and in particular the mandate, must include complete, accurate and honest information, and respect laws and regulation.
  • Members must set out general terms and conditions which they will provide to customers and display on their website.
  • Members must include details of their physical address on their website, as well as a telephone number.
  • Members must set out a formal complaints procedure, which they promise to provide to customers.

4. Professional Development Promise

  • Members promise to ensure that their own professional development and level of knowledge, and that of their employees, keeps up with changes in the sector, in the law and in regulation.
  • Members promise to continue their professional development, including via the SPLM’s own training programme, and to offer the same opportunities to their employees.
  • Members will not provide advice in areas which they do not have sufficient knowledge or the relevant qualification.

5. Member Behaviour

  • Members promise to do their utmost to maintain the dignity, honour and reputation of the profession. Any competition with other members will be free and fair.
  • Members promise to take part in surveys and enquiries conducted by or on behalf of the SPLM.
  • Members promise to play an active role in the life of the association and to prefer service providers selected by the SPLM for their quality. 

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