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AtHome-Hotel, a reliable local agency.

1. More than 15 years of experience

Longevity speaks for itself. If AtHome-Hotel is still here, it’s because we have shown professionalism over the years. The best proof being that we have an increasing number of returning customers.

We are not an online-only, ‘virtual’ company. We know all of our customers and we meet them all personally.

2. We have real offices in Paris

Now that everything is done online, it can be reassuring to know that you are dealing with a company that has real offices. You can visit us whenever you like. Our sales team is here to listen and provide the advice you need to have the best possible stay.
Visit our Paris offices.

Visit our Paris offices

3. Our staff can provide the service you need

Our sales team, who will handle your reservation and meet you when you check in, have an excellent knowledge of Paris neighbourhoods and attractions. Most of them were here from the start and they know the properties listed very well. They will be happy to give you advice on the best places to go out and have fun.

Meet our sales team


AtHome-Hotel is commission-free

1. You can go direct with AtHome-Hotel

Internet platforms for renting furnished apartments act as an intermediary between you and the owner, charging extra commission for any booking.

Our agency manages its own apartments saving you the cost that would usually be charged by an intermediary website service. Everything is clear from the start.

By booking through, you only pay for the apartment rental as you will be booking directly through us.

2. Save money on a better service

Although you pay no extra commission, you benefit from a more reliable service. Internet platforms haven’t visited the furnished apartments they offer. They rely on owner's say which can turn out to be untrue or exagerating.

We visit, know and maintain our furnished apartments ourselves. Before you check in, our team will clean and prepare the apartment. We will make sure that everything is working.

You will always check into an apartment that’s clean and in perfect condition.

3. We react quickly

If, despite all of our efforts, there is something about the apartment that doesn’t suit you, you only need to call the office during our opening hours and we will quickly find a solution.

AtHome-Hotel has its own team of technicians who can take care of any emergency repairs.

We won’t let anything spoil your stay …


AtHome-Hotel, a 100% secured booking

1. Reservation process made easy

The website you are visiting is also our own website that we have been improving through the years to make it even more easier. Navigation is simple and has been improved to focus on apartments, services and useful tourist information. Nothing else is going to distract your visit through our pages.

  • You can narrow your selection of apartments by entering your criteria
  • You can visit the apartment with a maximum of pictures, accurate description, list of equipments
  • When entering the dates of your stay you can have direct quotes
  • You can add your favorite apartments to your travel cart and send your request in no time

2. A safe payment system

In order to offer you the best service, AtHome-Hotel works with HSBC bank to offer a 100% secured payment system. This payment platform is only accessible after a first contact with our reservation team. It allows our visitors to complete their booking and be sure that:

  • The transaction is secured and ensured by a professional
  • They will have an apartment booked as they have paid a down-payment to secure the booking

3. "No fraud" guarantee

AtHome-Hotel is not a middle man for somebody else’s apartment, but a manager. By only offering you apartments that we manage ourselves, we can give you a ‘no fraud’ guarantee for both our website and your entire booking: 

  • We have visited and chosen each and every single apartment:
    • You won’t find any fake ads or pay for an apartment that doesn’t exist
  • We have taken all of the photos ourselves:
    • You won’t be tricked with fake photos
  • We check each and prepare every apartment ourselves before every single arrival:
    • You won’t find an apartment that isn’t ready for your stay
  • We meet our clients in person and given them a written contract:
    • You won’t be on your own if there’s a problem

4. We insure all of our apartments and all of our customers

All of our furnished apartments are insured. You will also be insured against accidental damage to the furniture during your stay.

Relax and enjoy your holiday: you’re insured so we can charge a lower security deposit.

5. Once in Paris,we give our customers a personal service

We are there to help you during stay, so if you find anything missing in your apartment, or if you need to find the best restaurant in the neighbourhood, have somebody watch your luggage or hear about tonight’s best parties, just ask.

With AtHome-Hotel, you are never on your own…

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